Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Date in Hereford

Hello! This year we have a market in Hereford which will run for a whole week!We will be in the South chapel in All Saints Church (next to the cafe) in the very centre of Hereford town. We will be selling local art and craft between Monday 27th Oct - Sat 1st November.

If you are interested in joining us, we still have a few tables left. Tables are only £30 (£5.50 a day!!) and manning stalls is not necessary however we put a 5% commission on people that can‘t be there, as it would helpful if stall holders could do at least half a day each.

This is a great opportunity to sell some items in the run up to Christmas! So if you have any seasonal items or cards that would be great too.

I’ll be promoting this from our face book page ; The Boutique Market  and on twitter.    @boutique0market   

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

SANDS charity raffle

We are raising money for the charity SANDS at this Boutique Market. Through a raffle full of wonderful items donated by our stall holders we hope to raise a whole lot of money and raise awareness of a shockingly common phenomenon . Here is more information on the charity:

 Each year in the UK over 6,500 babies die just before, during or soon after birth.  That’s 17 babies every day.

“The question about why your baby died never really goes away. For some parents there’s a definite cause but for many there isn’t and it can be source of deep sadness and anxiety. We are working at Sands to help promote both prevention strategies and a set of research priorities that’ll answer the questions so many parents are left with.”  Janet Scott, Head of Research and Prevention

The charity has 3 core aims:

We support anyone affected by the death of a baby
Bereavement support is at the core of everything we do. Some of the services that we offer include:
Helpline for parents, families, carers and health professionals
UK-wide network of support groups with trained befrienders
Online forum and message boards enabling bereaved families to connect with others
Website and a wide range of leaflets, books and other resources.

We work in partnership with health professionals to try to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care
We undertake a comprehensive programme of training, workshops and talks for health professionals based on the Sands Guidelines which give practical guidance on how to meet parents’ needs and provide good bereavement care.

We promote and fund research that could help to reduce the loss of babies’ lives
In spite of medical advances, the shocking reality is that each day in the UK 11 babies are stillborn and six die within the first 28 days of life. Our Why17? campaign, is raising vital funds for research, whilst working in partnership with Government and key stakeholders to address these individual tragedies as a matter of urgency and priority.

I'd like to personally thank every one that has donated to our raffle, and thank you to everyone in advance for buying a ticket! Please see our  Facebook raffle albumn for the full list of brilliant prizes. If you'd like to buy a ticket but can't make it on the day, please email me! Thank you x x

Fizz Bugs Photography

 Liz of Fizz Bugs Photography will be displaying her lomographic style prints and Christmas cards at the Boutique Christmas Market on December 1st! I love her colourful pictures and think they would make a great contemporary yet retro present to brighten up anyone home
She has also donated a large A3 print to our sands raffle!:

Rachel Pritchard Ceramics

Rachel Pritchard makes these beautiful snake skin ceramic vessels! In a small range of beautiful colours everyone can find an affordable piece of art at Rachels table.
I have a soft spot for small ceramics, I've had one of her items sat on my shelf for a few years and I still love it. She also makes lovely ostrich egg style vases, come and see her work on December 1st, Monmouth Shire Hall!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Chipper Designs

Another wonderful confirmed illustrator! Liz is the imaginator behind Chipper Designs. Her quirky drawings will adorn note books, cards and giclee prints. She has also donated a selection of beautiful note books (pictured) to our SANDS raffle, tickets only £1. Really looking forward to browsing Chipper designs stall, which she will be sharing with 'Made by Lillbet'.

Display Ideas

 The Vintage Table
  • Below you can see how shelves make a great back drop to a table. You can use lots more space with a set of shelves and paint them to suit your products, many charity shops (or more expensive vintage shops) have small shelves or dresser tops like this.
  • Also there is the use of pin boards to display bunting which can look flat laid out on a table.
  • I use artist tripods to hold up boards too, they can be set up behind or on your table and used to display a big logo if not more art work.
  • Small suit cases are great on table tops to display prints, cards and other things because of the rim of the suit case holds items upright, also looks lovely with this vintage themed table!
  • The table cloth is also beautiful and adds to the over all old world feel!
   Display by >Garden Studios Crafts Photo by Lisa Marie Halliday Photography

Shabby Chic Table

Photo of Wedding Creations table, Photo by Viktoria Kuti photography
  • Here the table has been replaced by a lovely dresser with handy draws for more storage!
  • Crates are turned on there sides to created a shelf like display unit, making use of every level of the display to show poducts. people tend not to think below the table top, but there is alot of room to be had if you are able to cleverly show items at there best just ubove the floor. (don't make a pile of extra stock visible!)
  • The table isn't ramed full of products, each item is carfully selected, there's even room for flowers which add to the theme.
  • Trelis in the background is another great way to make more height and more display space. Any textiles you might have can be hung up behind your table.
No Table, Table..
Picture of Made by Marie Display 

  • You can always get rid of the table all together! Here step ladders have been used to create height, different levels and ultimately more display room.
  • I've seen another person use ladders facing the other way with polls instead of boards between the steps to hang children's cloths. 
  • This display would fold up nicely at the end of your day too!

 The Small Table

  • Sometimes you may not have much room, or much stock! A suitcase all set up and ready togo could be perfect.
  • You can make compartments and shelves and pretty signs. 
  • Why not line and old suit case with nice paper and paint the outside if its a bit worse for wear.
  • You could also translate this to a bigger suit case or chest! Try the same ideas of compartments and built in shelves...
  • Large chests are great to show piles of cushions or soft toys in, so people could have a good rummage around finding that special item.  

 Lots to See Table

  • Getting rid of the table all together again, this person has used crates to make loads of display space, levels and interest.
  • Using the same tones and textures of wood helps keep the display concise.
  • The gap in the middle helps make the display not too over whelming. Also leaves room for the important logo!
  • Each type of item has been given it's own space and a display background to suit. Small items hang from string in one box, long necklaces hand from a barrel in another spot.
  • Theres an actual manikin to help demonstrate the product, and I'm sure the owner would be wearing the items beautifully too.
  • There's also a bit of a shop space made by the boxes stick out creating a wall to the edge of this 'boutique' market stall.

Displays are personal, and should show of your items to there best. Don't be afraid to spend a bit on display units and items to get it right, and keep going until you do! It may be alot of hard work carrying units from car to stall space but markets are the best way to present yourself to the public, so it's worth it!

See more ideas here: Presentation Ideas  

Have fun displaying  x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Boutique Christmas Market

This is the latest poster, which you will start to see in and around Monmouthshire. The poster features a handful of our exhibitors including:

Georgina Fowler - ceramicist.
Alison Barter - Artist
Cake and Jam Designs- baker
Sarah Edmonds - illustrator
Hand stands in the garden - textile artist
Nicole Iredale designs - silversmith
Helen Taylor - Print artist
The Catkin Boutique - Silkscreen printer and jeweler
Jan Knibbs - Textile artist and designer
Rosie and Peter Williams - silversmiths
Lush Lampwork - glass bead maker and jeweler

And this still doesn't cover the range of artisans, designers, makers and sellers we will be having on December 1st at The Boutique Market Monmouth, Shire Hall! Keep an eye on our pages, as there are more people due to confirm their places by the end of the week.